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Tui Belgium airport transfer services

1) Who is And what do they do?

Our partner enables you to book a transfer between your home and the airport. Both on departure and on return, to and from any airport served by the most important touroperators.

In most cases the cost price is significantly lower than what you pay to park your car at the airport. Add the fuel you consume, and will be a lot cheaper. A major advantage is that your car remains safely at home in your own garage and that you do not experience any stress during the drive. makes use of a recent fleet with well-trained professional drivers and was carefully selected by the TUI Group as a partner on the basis of its experience and professionalism. takes 150,000 people in Belgium to the airport every year. It is the cheapest way to travel to the airport!

2) Fleet of ? has a recent fleet (Eurolimo Group has 350 cars at its disposal). The fleet consists of Mercedes-Benz BlueTEC Eco models of passenger cars (Mercedes E and S classes) and minivans (Mercedes Vito and Mercedes V Class).

3) What is the price of airport transfers and how do I make a reservation?

The price depends on the route, the airport of destination, the number of persons, … You can run a non-binding price simulation for the date, route and group of travellers of your choice on You can finish your reservation online and receive confirmation in your mailbox right away.

4) By what time do I have to book the airport transfer?

You can make reservations on until 24 hours before departure.

5) How can I pay my booking?

You can pay your booking by Bancontact or credit card, or through the payment modules of a number of large Belgian banks, on at the moment of booking..

6) Can I book for more then 2 persons ?

Yes , of course, you can book until 8 persons. And you will see you pay only a little bit more for those extra persons. This is great for families with children.

7) Are there any early booking discounts?

The earlier you book, the less you pay. It is recommended to make reservations immediately after booking your trip so as to be absolutely sure of the best price. The closer to the date of departure you book, the higher the price of the transfer will be.

8) Can I also book a private transfer? does not only offer traditional airport transfers (together with other customers = economy class); it goes without saying that you can also opt for an individual transfer with a standard car (= comfort class) or with a Mercedes E or S class (business class).
You indicate your class of preference (economy class, comfort class or business class) during the booking process.

9) What if I want to travel together with other passengers departing from another address and wish to share my airport transfer?

Please make the booking for the address that is the furthest away from the airport and send an e-mail to; we will then determine the additional fee that will be charged to you for the extra stop at the second address.

10) Is it not cheaper to drive yourself and to park at the airport?

In most cases the cost price is significantly lower than what you pay to park your car at the airport. You also save on fuel! A major advantage is that your car remains safely at home in your own garage and that you do not experience any stress during the drive.

11) What if my outbound flight changes?

Have you been informed of a flight change by your travel agent / tour operator? Please notify by sending an e-mail to with indication of your booking confirmation and your new flight details.

12) What if my return flight is delayed? monitors the arrival time of your flight and ensures that the driver is waiting for you at the actual arrival time of your flight. operates 24/7 and has a permanently staffed dispatch centre.

13) Do I lose a lot of time when other passengers are picked up?

If you have booked a combination taxi, we will try and combine the ride with passengers wanting to reach the airport around the same time. This allows us to reduce miles and therefore CO2 emissions. Good for the environment and your wallet! The arranged time of pick-up may vary up to half an hour at the most, depending on the dispatcher's planning which can only be made 24 hours in advance. Obviously, you can count on us to always be largely in time at the airport.

14) Can I also take my pushchair with

Of course! Indicate this during the booking process by ticking the corresponding box.

15) What if I have a special service request (e.g. transport of wheelchair or golf bag)?

It goes without saying that you can bring such objects during your transfer. Please indicate this in the appropriate boxes during the booking process. For any further special requests or demands you can send an e-mail to

16) Are child safety seats available?

Of course. Please tick the appropriate boxes on the website.

17) Where can I find my driver upon my return to Belgium? How will I recognise him?

The driver will be waiting for you just past the customs control in the arrival hall on the side of the well-known JAVA coffee bar, where all drivers can be found. In case of large crowds a hostess will show you the right driver so as to avoid mistakes. The driver will hold a sign (or iPad) with your name, and the hostess can be recognised by the famous logo.

18) Can I take my pet?

This is in principle not a problem, but please notify via We will then inform you on the terms and conditions (always indicate your booking number).

19) What if I cancel my trip?

If you cancel your trip, you can also cancel your transfer to and from the airport. This is free up to 24 hours before your departure; afterwards the ride will be charged in full.
In case of cancellation up to 24 hours before departure, the paid amount will be repaid in full within 10 days by means of a bank transfer.

20) What if I change my trip?

If you change your trip before or during the journey, you need to inform by sending an e-mail to Indicate your original reservation number and the data of your new departure and/or return date. Your transfer will be adjusted. No costs will be charged for this and the originally confirmed fee will be retained.
If you do not inform and the driver is already present, the transfer will be charged after all.

21) Is it also possible to book a transfer to airports outside Belgium? organises transfers to all airports serviced by the most important touroperators, including those in Lille, Paris and Amsterdam.

22) Is it also possible to book a transfer to regional airports? obviously also offers transfers to all regional airports serviced by the most important touroperators (Ostend, Charleroi, Liege, Antwerp).

23) Are there any luggage restrictions?

The booking module features a section where you can indicate the number of luggage pieces you want to take with you. There are in principle no luggage restrictions. You are obviously expected to indicate your luggage in a fair and correct manner. If you bring more luggage than indicated, the driver shall have the right to refuse to take the baggage you failed to indicate. A surcharge will be charged at the very least (minimum of € 10 for each piece of luggage provided sufficient room remains in the vehicle).

24) What if I have not yet received my flight details?

Please indicate 00:00 as fight number and 00:00 as flight time.
This makes it clear to that they still have to contact you in order to confirm the final flight hours.

24) Safety and Privacy.

For your order through our website, you can count on a secured payment system with the credit cards Visa, MasterCard and Bancontact. assures the complete confidentiality of your information in connection to your bank, secured by the SSL protocol, which at the moment of your payment with a bank card automatically checks the validity of the access rights and scrambles all exchanges of information in order to guarantee confidentiality. has entrusted its payment system to a company specialized in secured payments via internet: Ogone e-commerce.

The exchange of sensitive information – such as the number of the credit card – is done between the customer and the Ogone e-commerce site; Internet-Lenses does not know this information.

Any communication between the browser of the customer and Ogone e-commerce is done using the scrambling technology SSL 128 bits. For the customer, it is not possible to use a browser, which would not bear this scrambling techniques.

The site of Ogone e-commerce has a certificate issued by Verisign.

Ogone e-commerce is protected by various firewall systems and protocol conversions in order to make access to the data and the payment processors by unwanted visitors impossible.

The law regarding privacy is applied by

In any case, formally regards the commitment to strictly keep any of your information confidential and in particular not to share this information with any other third party whatsoever.